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Sharyn Maceren - Video Shout-Out! (New)

Sharyn Maceren - Video Shout-Out! (New)

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WHAT IT IS: The Sharyn Maceren Video Shout-Out is our best video experience for those of you who would your very own personal Sharyn Maceren video shout-out for your own personal collection.

WHAT'S COOL ABOUT IT: For the first time ever, Sharyn Maceren is offering fans an up-close and personal video experience where you can receive a personal shout sent directly to you! Gift this for yourself or a loved one!


This product offers multiple styles. Choose from the drop-down menu to choose from all the different video shout experiences

Celebrity Video Shout Out for those that want a personalized video shout saying something like, "Hey (Insert name here). I heard it's your birthday! You're my biggest fan. Happy Happy Birthday".

Celebrity Video Shout Out (with Song Snippet) for those of you who want the video shout out— but also want a line or two sung a cappella by Sharyn from a Sharyn Maceren song. Song selection will be subject to Sharyn's approval. Thank you!

Celebrity Video Shout Out (With full song #Selfie-Style) for those of you who want the mini-video shout out, plus an entire song sung "handheld" aka "Selfie-style" (with you having the option of Sharyn singing over a track or a cappella)

It also helps Sharyn to know what this video means to her fan or follower so that she can give them the ultimate energy in her message and song. Please be sure to note in your request why you or the person you are gifting this for would love this Sharyn Maceren personalized #Celebrity video. Thank you!

Submit your order and in the "Notes" section, please add the following information:

• SCRIPT: Send your mini-video script via the "Notes" section on your order. Please be sure to include the name of who the Video is for, what the occasion is (i.e. or just because), how to pronounce the recipient’s name - the more details, the better...Your script goes after the intro: "Hello ________, Sharyn Maceren here!"

• EMAIL ADDRESS: Please include email address where we can contact you and where the video will be delivered


• Please note that these videos may not be used for business purposes or to promote a business or a company. If you’re looking to use a video for business purposes, you must submit a request for a Sharyn Maceren Sponsored ad video. Requests can be sent to

• These videos are not for resale and are for personal use only. These videos may be shared to your personal social media pages and/or personal websites

• Once your video is delivered to the email address linked to your order, Sharyn Maceren and Sharynland will no longer be responsible for your video.
• Note: Please note that these video requests must be professional
 and song choices must be for all ages.

We will send your video to you via WeTransfer. You are responsible for downloading your video within 7 days from the date the video is delivered. After which they expire and are removed from our servers. We do not keep a hidden stash of transfers so once they are deleted, it is no longer possible to download them.

Due to the customization of this experience, there will be no refunds— unless, for any reason, Sharyn is unable to deliver your product in the specified time.
We reserve the right to accept or deny requests if we feel the song choice or script does not align with our brand. Thank you.